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If a property is owned by the Troy Community Land Bank, has been properly evaluated by our professional team and is listed as being “for sale” on this page – you may contact our staff to get more information or schedule a tour. 

To contact us regarding a property, please fill out the form below and be sure to include the property’s address in the subject line along with a valid email address. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

Please Note: If a property is held by the Land Bank but is not listed for sale on this page, it may mean:

  • the property has recently been acquired and we are performing our due diligence inspections;
  • the property has been sold;
  • it is planned for renovation or demolition;
  • or the property is being held off market to be included in larger neighborhood planning efforts.
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2 Sq. Ft.

6 bedrooms

2 bathrooms

288 Tenth Street
This building was remarkably relocated by Stewarts’ Shops and is now one parcel south of where it was originally constructed.  Prior to relocation this building was inhabited.  The Land Bank plans to reconnect the building to electric, water and sewer utilities.  Some minor interior work may be undertaken as well. The Land Bank Board of […]
3036 Seventh Avenue - front3036 Seventh Avenue - front

0 Acre

7 bedrooms

2 bathrooms

3036 Seventh Avenue
Two-family Residential property built in 1890.
TCLB Symbol - PropertiesTCLB Symbol - Properties
3154 Sixth Avenue
Vacant Lot .04 Acres
3325 Sixth Avenue
3325 Sixth Avenue
3325 Sixth Avenue is the building with the blue façade.  The property is not for sale at this time. This property was acquired via bank donation on May 17, 2019.  The structure requires emergency stabilization repairs, which are presently underway. Future improvements and/or programming will be determined following the completion of these emergency repairs.
TCLB Symbol - PropertiesTCLB Symbol - Properties
76 Tyler Street
Vacant Lot .22 Acres
TCLB Symbol - PropertiesTCLB Symbol - Properties
790 River Street
Vacant lot .07 acres
791 River Street - side view

1,562 Sq. Ft.

1 bedroom

1 bathroom

791 River Street
A 2-story Mixed Use property built in 1870.
899 River Street - front 2899 River Street - front 1
899 River Street
A Two-family residential building built in 1870.