About The TCLB

As an independent, not-for-profit organization, we work with community members, city officials and local businesses to identify vacant, under-utilized or tax-delinquent properties that have a profoundly negative affect on the surrounding neighborhood.

Utilizing the means provided within the State of New York Land Bank Act (Section 1600 of the NY Not-For-Profit Corporation Law), we acquire these “problem properties” and stabilize, redevelop, demolish or hold and manage to be sold or packaged as part of larger development projects. Our disposition strategy ultimately serves as a path to promoting responsible home ownership, growing local businesses and attracting private development projects that align with the long-range vision of our communities and residents. Test your luck on machines a sous gratuites. Through strategic planning and community involvement, the return of vacant buildings to productive use will increase surrounding home values and stabilize the tax-base – allowing the city of Troy to reinvest in our neighborhoods and provide improved essential services that promote a greater quality of life.

Mission Statement

The Troy Community Land Bank’s core purpose is to redevelop vacant, abandoned and under-utilized properties through community partnerships and strategic planning. Our goal is to encourage economic growth, long-term sustainability and new opportunities for all of Troy’s residents and businesses so that we can build stronger neighborhoods and enjoy a greater quality of life.

Land Bank Quick Stats


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Board of Directors


Contact: [email protected]

Phone: (518) 328-0244

The board members of the Troy Community Land Bank consist of residents, business owners, school district educators and local developers who call the City of Troy home.

Heather King – Chair – Mayoral Appointee
Suzanne Spellen – Vice Chair – Board Appointee
Brian Barker – Secretary – Mayoral Appointee
Elbert Watson – Treasurer, Mayoral Appointee
Andrew Cooper – City Council Appointee
Jeanette Nicholson – City Council Appointee
John Carmello – Troy City School District Appointee
Jamie Ma, City Council Appointee
Patricia Riley, Mayoral Appointee

Organizational Chart

Heather King



Heather King, SRA Board Chairperson

President/Owner of Holden and Associates, a real estate appraisal firm established in 1983 headquartered in Troy, NY.

Andrew Cooper






Andrew Cooper has lived in the city of Troy with his wife (a Troy native) since 2009. He works for the Professional Development Program through the University of Albany, providing education and training to New York State’s child welfare workforce. Andrew has served on the board since 2017.


Jeanette Nicholson






Jeanette Nicholson is a longtime homeowner in Troy’s most distressed neighborhood. Served on several committees to improve neighborhood housing and reduce vacancy and blight.

Patricia Reilly





Patricia Reilly, Pat had a 31-year career in New York State, New York City and Nassau County government and is a recognized leader in transportation and traffic safety. She currently works for the government affairs firm, Bolton St. Johns. She also serve on the NYS Mentoring Advisory Board.