JUNE 2, 2020


Dear Friends,

 In light of Governor Cuomo’s announcement that the Capital Region has entered Phase 2 of the Reopening New York plan, offices of the Land Bank are open once again.  In order to comply with mandatory physical distancing criteria, and given the limited floor area of the Land Bank office, meetings will be conducted electronically to the greatest extent practicable, rather than in person.  When meetings must be conducted in person in the office, the following procedures will be implemented:

1. Meetings shall be by appointment only.  No walk-in appointments, please.

2. No more than two people (total) will meet within the office space, to comply with Phase 2 (50% total occupancy requirement).

3. Meeting participants must wear face coverings shielding the mouth and nose at all times and must remain at least six feet apart at all times.  Individuals must provide their own coverings and they must be worn prior to entering the office.

4. Door, seating, and desk surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected prior to and following meetings.  If cleaning and/or disinfecting cannot be done due to insufficient supplies or other reasons, no in-person meetings will take place even if scheduled.

5. Tape has been placed to demarcate minimum six feet distancing of participants.

6. If applicable measures above cannot be implemented prior to scheduled in person meetings, such meetings will not be conducted.

7. When in person meetings are conducted, if the measures above are not followed by all participants for the entire meeting duration, such meetings will immediately be discontinued.

While these procedures are being taken to comply with mandates, we recognize they are critical to maintain the health of individuals and the general community.  We will strive to also implement Reopening New York Recommended Best Practices.

Please note that all committee, board and other meetings open to the public will continue to be conducted electronically in conjunction with established electronic meeting requirements.

Be safe – be well – stay healthy.  For your benefit; for everyone’s benefit.

Strategic Planning

We strengthen neighborhoods by acquiring, rehabilitating and reselling vacant buildings and land.


Our properties are a mix of donations, foreclosure purchases and private market purchases.


We enlist local contractors to stabilize, secure and beautify each of our properties.

Property Sales

Our properties are sold through a competitive bidding process, with a preference for owner occupancy.



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