Here are some frequently asked questions about land banks and the process of acquiring properties.

The TCLB—like all land banks—has a number of unique legal abilities which allow it to carry out its mission.


The TCLB may:


  • Hold land tax-free
  • Clear title and/or extinguish back taxes
  • Lease properties for temporary uses
  • Negotiate sales based not only on the highest bid but also on the outcome that most closely aligns with community needs, such as workforce housing, a grocery store, or green space

Most land bank acquisitions are vacant, residential, tax-delinquent properties. In addition to tax foreclosed parcels, land banks can acquire Real Estate Owned (REO) properties and receive private donations and public land transfers. Get more information about machine a sous gratuite. Although most properties are typically vacant residential single-family homes or vacant lots, land banks also acquire multifamily dwellings, commercial and industrial properties, and in rare cases, occupied rental properties. In fact, some land banks even have well-developed brownfields programs through which they acquire large scale, formerly industrial properties.